Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kashi Kicks - shoes that shine


Kashi Kicks is a Pittsburgh based company that makes unique sneaker designs. The Kashi brand, the “shoes that shine”, started with one vision: To bring in the fashion world, especially in the sneaker and accessory industry, an approach that defies the traditional way of making things.

According to its president, Alan Kashi, “The tennis sneaker industry was so far dominated by few brands who had a common approach, at least as far as the design is concerned. They primarily designed sneakers for sport and physical exercises. As a result, sneakers have almost always been exclusively white or black with occasionally colored stripes on their side, and their design and shape have long been dictated by the need for performance”.

Kashi Kicks stand-alone approach is to have manufactured a sneaker that encompasses necessity and performance, yet is beautiful enough to be worn outside of the sports arena. In November 2006 the company released the AK Classics Collection, a set of 41 designs, all different and unique from one another. AK classics, dubbed by some: “the Jewel for the feet” is a concrete representation of Kashi’s vision and passion: to encapsulate in one shoe, words such as usefulness, beautifulness, charisma and personality.

Kashi’s success comes from the fact that Alan Kashi, who is also the top designer, has used his background in the jewelry industry for the sneakers. Indeed, he comes from a family that has since the late 1920’s been offering their expertise in fine jewelry to the world, from the Middle East to the streets of New York City and Pittsburgh. Being in the Jewelry world has allowed Alan Kashi, also known as AK, to make good connections with many celebrities, from Pennsylvania to the whole nation. He once was the official jewelry designer for many celebrities.

Kashi, the shining brand, has, from its beginning, been endorsed by national celebrities, from the hip world to the sports arena, whether it be George Clinton, Flavor Flav, Dj Unk, Talib Kweli, Slim of 112, Cool the producer duo Cool & Dre, R&B singer Ginuwine or Casey Hampton of the Steelers and Cedric Ceballos of the Phoenix Sun, the movement is growing.

The Kashi brand is now represented in more than 20 countries, in 4 continents, and counts among its customers Foot Locker of Marseilles, Paris, Toulouse in France; Foot Locker London in the UK.

In August 2007, Kashi kicks announced to the media the release of the Liberace shoe, to honor “the King of Bling”, one of the most extravagant and flamboyant entertainers of the 60’s and 70’s. This was done in collaboration with the Liberace Foundation of Las Vegas. A portion of the proceeds are set aside to benefit the Liberace Foundation, whose mission is to help talented students continue their career in the performing and creative arts through scholarship assistance.

The brand Kashi is looking toward the future with optimism. According to the company’s president, the company is slowly but surely filling the gap that has long existed in the sneaker world. They are coloring the shoe world with dazzling colors, impressive design, and a unique approach with their sneakers.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bape + Disney Soft Toy Collaboration


Bape has recently collaborated with Disney to create a Mickey Mouse plush soft toy. The unique Bape camo design is featured all over his face and body. This is the newest edition to the Bape and Disney collaboration which also includes Bape + Pooh bear


The unique Mickey Mouse soft toy can be picked up from cliffedge for $US315.00


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Nike promotion b-boy

Check out this Nike promotion video of Korean b-boys.
Look out for the Scifen gear being rocked.

Here is the vid: