Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nike Air Yeezy Sneaker

Nike Air Yeezy is truly one of the most controversial shoes to date. The web is buzzing about this kicks which Kayne wore at the Grammy’s and his Glow in the Dark Tour. Not a surprise, if you’re Kayne West and you wear a never before seen shoe on a Grammy night and a grand concert, everyone will talk about it!

If you’re still wondering why the Nike Air Yeezy is the talk of the street, then it means you haven’t seen the shoes – up close and in detail. Lucky for you, we already did. For one, this shoe may look like an old school kicks given a present twist!

An examination of this grey suede, purple patent leather, and a carrot midsole will tell you that this shoe is a fusion of many shoe rack classics! All of which are Kayne’s favourite.

If shoes can breed, and if Ato Cow Hide Boot, Bape Roadsta and Air Jordan III would be the parents, Kayne West’s Nike Air Yeezy would be the offspring!

It is not clear as of now as to when will this shoe be publicly released, but we got something a lot more certain, Nike Air Yeezy is definitely perfect for his violet
UniverseCity Jacket!





Anonymous said...

What a rip off of different shoes!

Anonymous said...

theyre nice but yeezy is a shit name

Milla said...

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