Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nike Dunk Wi-Fi Sneakers

This may be a fashion and tech marriage overboard but until WiFi detection devices become a thing of the past, I wouldn’t say that this WiFi detection sneakers is not “fashionable”.

The idea was simple. Nike gets a WiFi detector, installs it in the flap of Nike shoes, connects the device to LEDs and then names it WiFi Nike Dunks. You got now one hell of a shoe that truly kicks! This snooping device can detect WiFi signal of up to 50 meters far. The LEDs blinks if the signal is low and it lights up continuously once the signal is at maximum.

Clearly, this ASDR (A Step in the Right Direction) shoe may not be as trendy as it may first appear but, undeniably the concept is head-turning.

Perhaps a net-addicted yuppie will love this, or your gamer buddy who has their brains stuck to his WoW character no matter where he goes. What's good about this is that there is no need to pull out your gadget every time you want to check a spot for connectivity. Just wear it, look down to your feet and there you’ll know if the suppose HotSpot is really hot!



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nice to get it for collection