Monday, August 25, 2008

Nike Air Force 1 "Closing Ceremony" Edition

The 2008 Beijing Olympics reached a glorious conclusion this Sunday and Nike of course, did not allow it to pass without leaving a strong mark in both Sports and Fashion history. This is perhaps why they released the commemorative pair of Air Force 1 – shiny, gold-like, sneakers of the champs that perfectly fit Olympic glory.

The new shoe is fashioned in bright metallic gold. To pay respect to the China where the 2008 Olympics is held, there is a Chinese motif in the upper part of the sneakers. The body of the golden sneakers is imbued with intricate abstract designs. The designs are pretty much what you can see in the columns and roofs of traditional famous Chinese templates.

Get the Nike Air Force 1 and you will have it packed in a classic black 08/08/08 box. The shoe is available starting August 25. I just hope they’ll make one specifically designed for the new Dream Team!



Anonymous said...

Ilovethat shoe!

This here said...

I live this shoe.