Sunday, July 8, 2007


Hoodman clothing is a hip hop clothing company created by Eddie Huang with the help of Ning-Hsin Juang in 2006. It is a brand that challenges politics and promotes Barack Obama, world peace and racial equality.

The Hoodman clothing line is very unique and has previously un-thought of combinations featuring hip hop superstars and Nintendo characters riding together. His shirts feature the likes of DMX with Bowser, Snoop Dogg with Wario and Andre 3000 with Princess.

Hoodman Logo

The creaters of Hoodman clothing showcasing their work featuring hip hop stars and Nintendo characters riding together


dUnit said...

where can i score myself one of these hoodman tees. They are f***en fresh as shit. I want DMX and bowser

Ironchef24 said...

thanks for the support!!!! tim-tim-time- time for some akshon!

Anonymous said...

yo yall stuff is poppin. shouts out to the yall. i really think that image is positive. if you get this where in N.Y.C can i buy some shirts?

e.hype said...

hoodman is at rival and union in nyc